Group 3 Final Report Released



The CPL150 Community Vision Plan | Group 3 Report includes recommendations for five branch communities:

  • Eastman Branch: W 117th/Lorain Ave neighborhood
  • Hough Branch: Hough neighborhood
  • Union Branch: Union-Miles neighborhood
  • Walz Branch: Detroit-Shoreway/Edgewater neighborhoods
  • West Park Branch: West Park/Kamm’s Corners neighborhoods

The report articulates a wide-range of community priorities and reveals a clearer vision of the library’s role in each target area. Recommendations are organized into four nested levels of library experience: building, grounds, neighborhood, and services.

Experience Diagram


Neighborhood asset maps, programming concepts, and visual renderings produced through this process enable CPL to now conduct a finer grain analysis of the operational costs, interior architectural feasibility, and financial investments required to commit limited resources appropriately.

In 2019, the Cleveland Public Library will celebrate its 100 year anniversary. The CPL150: Community Vision Plan provides a road-map for actions worthy to celebrate in 2019 and beyond.

View the report below, or download here (59 MB): CPL150 Group 3 Report